Gas Direct Vent Space Heaters, Fireplaces and Wall Furnaces

Defosses Plumbing and Heating LLC sells and installs a large variety of direct vent, vent free and conventional vented gas space heaters, fireplaces, cast iron gas woodstoves and wall furnaces from companies such as Rinnai, Empire and Kingsman for a great price and nothing but quailty work.

The advantages of installing a space heater or wall furnace is that the heaters take up very little space and can heat a large area for a little cost annually up to 85% efficiency. All models are thermostatically controlled to maintain a very comfortable room environment. Some models have electronic ignition and programmable controls so you can set them to come on when you want to and save money on fuel cost. Other models do not need electricity to run which makes them an asset when the power goes out so you will always be warm.

A wood burning fireplace is either fueled by a manufactured product (pellets or petroleum based artificial logs) or wood. The efficiency is no better than 33% and the by-products are unknown. This segment of the market is shrinking rapidly. Other stoves which burn wood or pellets have to be cleaned often either by removing ash or cleaning the chimney which can be dirty job. Gas products have no ash to clean and a direct vent has no chimney to clean. Compared to the cost of wood or pellets gas can save you money and time that you can spend on more enjoyable things.

Give us a call and we can give you a free estimate on installing one today! Below are some pictures of different models

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