Gas Piping

Defosses Plumbing & Heating LLC is fully licensed by the state of New Hampshire to do all types of residential and commercial gas piping and gas applicance installations. We design all our gas piping and manifolds for a building to meet or exceed the National Fuel Gas Code NFPA54 so the job is done right and the occupants are safe.
In todays world with the new high efficiency energy star equipment with electronic and computerize controls gas pipe sizing is very crucial to maintain a SAFE and efficient runnig applicance to avoid any malfunctions or bodily injuries. The days of installing any size gas piping are long gone.

Materials that we use to install gas piping range from black iron pipe and fittings to Trac pipe and fittings.
So call us today for a free estimate on any size gas project you need done.

Lic.# GFE0700140
Trac Pipe Certificate # 1287893

Defosses Plumbing & Heating LLC, Plumber, Franklin, NH

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